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 Yves Way -  Reviews Space-Plug

"It’s a great little gismo and does exactly what it’s designed to do, makes the job easier and faster"

Yves Way




Working on TV makeover shows with tight deadlines means I’m always on the lookout for ways to speed up a job. So when I was challenged on a recent kitchen fit to try out a brand new patented concept, “Space-Plug”, with claims it would simplify and speed up the process of installing kitchen base units, I was keen to take it up!!

So what is Space-Plug?

Space-Plug is a new product aimed at speeding up and simplifying the installation of kitchen base units by removing the awkward, angle drilling “over” the cross-brace, and, the predetermined positioning of using L brackets. It’s a very simple new fixing, a small light weight plastic spacer with a threaded telescopic body. The idea is the Space-Plug is easily adjustable to meet the exact size of the service cavity at the back of your base unit, giving support to the cross-brace anywhere you choose to locate it and then enabling you to fix straight through. The Space-Plug comes in 2 sizes “Space-Plug” and “Space-Plug XL” and between them they cover all available sizes of service cavities across the differing kitchen manufacturers.

Okay so does it work?

In a word yes! It’s a great idea and easy to use. Immediately as I started using Space-Plug I was Impressed!! Working from the front of the unit felt comfortable and natural.





Drilling through the rear cross brace directly into the wall behind and then using the Space-Plug to bridge the cavity allowed me to get a fast secure fixing straight through the back of the unit, exactly as promised! They were easy to handle, far less fiddly than normal L brackets and as you can have just one fixing in the middle of a unit I didn’t need many of them! Not only that, but it also allowed me to conveniently position my fixing anywhere across the width of the unit, avoiding any pipes or wiring which was already in place.

I also liked a future proofing perk of using Space-Plug, Unlike L bracket’s, all fixings remain accessible from inside the base unit after installation. This makes it much easier to change or remove a unit if necessary at a later date, perhaps to install a dishwasher or replace a damaged unit?

To Summarise

Hats off to Space-Plug. It’s a great little gismo and does exactly what it’s designed to do, makes the job easier and faster, offers benefit to both the Professional and the DIY’er. Such a simple idea and so handy!! I’m sure they are set for big things! I for one will definitely be fitting with Space-Plug from now on and very happy to recommend them.


Yves Way – The Kitchen Guy