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Regular visitors to the Kitchen Fitters Forum will know we take great pride in our work and have some great guys keen to see the job done right. Space-Plug has been a real asset to achieving just that. The “little orange doofer”, as it’s affectionately become known on the forum, is speedy and brilliantly simple when it comes to fitting base units and the guys on the forum get great use out of it with dress backs on breakfast bars, locking islands together, side fixings at the end of runs or tall units, boxing in braces etc. It’s a great rescue product to have in your fixings kit!  On behalf of us all at KFF we send Cliff big congratulations for a great invention and wish Space-Plug a great commercial future! Can’t wait to find them supplied with the units!

Chris Knall, Founder of the Kitchen Fitters Forum

"This product is an absolute god-send. It just makes things a whole lot easier and a shed load speedier."

Ian Parry, Balloch, Highland

"Have been using Space-Plugs for around 2 years now and find them revolutionary. They make fixing carcasses a breeze. I've also found many other uses for them where I have struggled in the past. Keep up the good work fellas."

Wes @ Diamond Kitchens and Bathrooms

"I make my own kitchens and I like the fact that I use less sheet material because I don't need to cut the sheets full depth allowing me to get more panels out of a 8x4."

James Brett, JMB - FOG Member

"Space-Plugs have changed the way I fit kitchen base units forever! The process is quick.efficient and accurate. Only an amateur would think of using any other method."

Nick Luxford. proprietor N.L.Interiors

"I have been using Space Plugs to fit kitchen base units for about 18 months and frankly would not consider using anything else. Forget stretcher plates and drilling & screwing at odd angles! This clever product allows you to easily fit a base unit in about a minute without throwing the unit out of true. You would have to be crazy to use any other fixing method!"
Nick, The Kitchen Fitter, Orpington

"Just wanted to congratulate you on a very simple idea, that I can see will have many uses in the upcoming redevelopment of my home"

Geoff Powell, Architect @ Powell Design

"We arrived on site to fit granite worktops but as we started to land the stone, it soon became apparent that the units were not fixed to the wall securely enough.
We tried a load of angle brackets but it was really difficult to retro fit as we couldn't get the drill in the correct position to get a good fix etc.
We went back to Screwfix and Space-Plug was recommended by a kitchen fitter who was buying them and other things at the time.
We got back to the job and the whole run of units was secured in around 10 minutes - these little orange miracles are now
permanently in our emergency kit .
I can imagine using them would slash a kitchen fitters time on an installation
Well worth the money."
Granite Exchange

"Space plugs are a real time saver and problem solver and are an essential  item to have in your fixings kit".

Chez Rossi, Ultimate Handyman

"I knew about these a long time before I actually used them. For a while I thought they solved a problem I didn't have. I then tried a pack and was immediately converted. They are brilliant for fixing kitchen cabinets and have so many other uses as well. You do need to actually try them to fully understand how good they are."
Kitchens and Things, Sussex



"I won't fit a kitchen without them now. The client I was fitting for was impressed with how professional the units looked before the worktops were fitted."

Tom Mitchell, Ayrshire


“Congratulations to Cliff for identifying a problem and inventing this new style of fixing to address it. Our experts were impressed with Space-Plug for its ease of use and as an alternative to fixing brackets at an angle. We are pleased to present the Innovation Award to Space-Plug and look forward to seeing its success within the industry."

Phil Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer at FIRA

"Always happy to support a great product and bonus! it's designed and made in Britain!"

Mike Yorke, My Wood Designs



"Hi, I have used your product  before and couldn't believe how easy to use they were. Is it possible to send me a price list and a range of the products you do?"

Many thanks Steve (A happy customer)


96852-07-innovation-award-shortlisted-stampTheir Judges Found Space-Plug was:

  • A vast improvement over traditional approaches
  • Makes installation much easier
  • Simple to fit
  • Good end result 
  • Wide range of applications


"Just a quick email to say how chuffed I was to see your Space-Plugs in the Screwfix catalogue and all those 5 star reviews. Couldn't resist buying another couple of packs as I've nearly run out of the last lot you sent me."

Jamie @ Endcliffe Farm


"All in all, great product and a great idea. We wish Space-Plug every success, with a simple but massively effective bit of kit."

Paul Kettleborough, Operations Director at Chris Sharp Cabinets Kitchens



Screwfix 5 star




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